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Good neighbors providing
great storage.


Committed to building the finest southern maryland homes and commercial spaces.


We will provide our customers with both a superior quality product at an excellent value and exemplary service with a total commitment to customer satisfaction.

As one of the premier Southern Maryland home builders and commercial builders, our roots here are deep. And our local pride runs equally strong and true. Since 1984, our goal has remained unchanged: to have every one of our homeowners and business customers feel that same level of pride in their own homes, workplaces and communities. So whether it’s new homes in Southern Maryland, a retail center, an office park or convenient housing for BRAC transfers and others seeking Andrews Air Force Base and Patuxent River Naval Air Station homes, everything Marrick builds is designed and constructed to live up to our exacting standards. After all, when it comes to your dreams, there’s no such thing as a minor detail.

Whatever your vision of the good life, Marrick is committed to helping you realize it, with award-winning Southern Maryland homes and commercial spaces, endless options for personalizing your Marrick-built space and delivery dates you can count on. There are no better neighbors than those who are living their dreams.

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